Food Cold Rooms

Food cold rooms are large walk-in refrigeration units that are used mainly in restaurants and hospitality settings to keep the product to the required chilled temperature to preserve food.

If you need to ensure many items are kept cold, then investing in a food cold room is a worthwhile option.

Cold room food storage units are made to have a controlled internal temperature via high-quality insulation. Structurally, they have tight walls and floor junctions to remain airtight, as well as durable surfaces that can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected.

Commercial food cold rooms main advantage is the much-needed storage and walk-in functionality, compared to standard fridges and freezers, combining convenience and practicality.

What are the Different Options to Rent Food Cold Rooms?

There are two main options to rent food cold rooms, renting/leasing them or purchasing outright.  

If you are considering both options small walk-in food cold room is roughly a few hundred pounds a month to rent. The cost of buying one outright is estimated at around £6,000. Buying a cold room outright is more economically viable per year, there are many reasons why companies choose to rent one instead.

When renting a food cold room, you only have to commit to a short-term arrangement, with the ability to stop or expand as your business needs change. The major advantage is the ongoing maintenance and repairs provided by the cold store rental company, meaning you should never be caught out by one breaking down and a costly repair.

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