Tree Felling Services

Getting Tree felling services is often the most efficient and quickest way to be able to remove a problematic tree. This is due to their experience with safely dealing with large trees in difficult to access areas, as well as the right equipment to be able to carefully tackle the tree to safely remove it.

What are Tree Felling Services and When are They Needed?

Tree felling services become necessary when a tree becomes unsuitable for the space it is in, including posing a risk to the surrounding buildings, or at risk of falling and blocking a road or passageway.

  • Straight Tree Felling – Straight felling of trees is limited to where there is at least 5m clearance from building or any other structures and areas that could be damaged
  • Sectional Tree Felling – This method is used in urban built-up areas with confined spaces. Trees are cut down in small sections to prevent damage

If the area is in the countryside, there is usually enough space to use assisted tree felling wit enough room. In a built-up city area, sectional felling can be completed with roped and mechanisms to safely divide up the process section by section.

When space is limited, complying with the relevant health and safety regulations is paramount. The space limitations create several challenges, so you should enlist tree felling services who have extensive experience in the area.

tree felling services