Stump Grinding

What is the average cost for stump grinding?

The average cost of stump grinding can range from £100 to £400 depending on the company you use and what area you live in and of course how big the stump is that you need to grind.

Should you remove a stump or grind it?

If the tree or stump is totally decayed then we suggest that having the whole thing removed would be your best bet. However, if the roots are not causing any problems or destruction then we suggest stump grinding would be the way to go.

What happens if you leave a tree stump in the ground?

If you leave a tree stump in the ground it will eventually decay, it could take at least a decade or maybe more.

Does stump grinding attract termites?

Stump grinding will attract termites due to the damp wood, they can pose a serious risk of infestation to a homeowner that may have tree stumps in their gardens.

Can a tree grow back from a tree stump?

A tree can actually grow back from a stump and become a full-grown tree again because the roots are still there.

What can you do once a stump has been ground?

Try and remove all the sawdust and debris, and put some topsoil down.

How to try and stop a tree stump from growing back

A professional stump grinder is your best bet to stop a tree stump regrowing, they will use stump killing herbicide, they may also burn the stump to stop the regrowth.

Can you preserve a tree stump?

You can preserve a tree stump by coating it with a wood sealant over the surface of the tree stump. Allow a good 48 hours for the sealant to dry and then the stump should be preserved.

When can stump grinding be done?

Stump grinding can be carried out at any time of the year, using specialist equipment.

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