Forestry Services

Forestry services include planting, tree surgery, timber extraction, weeding, and coppicing.

Forestry service also includes the practice of managing and studying plantations and forests. It is an art of science involving natural resources. This can also be known as silviculture, this is a related science that involves the tending and growing of trees. Industrial foresters are involved mainly in planning timber harvests and forest regeneration.

A Tree Foresters role

A tree foresters job is to manage land for the government and industrial services, this can include caring and looking after forests harvest research, and procuring timber. They will be able to plan and carry out cutting programs, fire prevention, and removal techniques.

The forestry commission is a department in the government, they are responsible for promoting the sustainable management of the many woodlands in the UK ensuring that they are increasing their value to society and the environment.

Forestry services are important because the loss of trees can cause climate change, this is obviously a problem around the world and can cause huge problems for indigenous people.

Three main types of forest

There are three main types of forest, temperate, tropical, and boreal. And many jobs within the forestry services such as forest and conservation technicians, conservation scientists, foresters, and forest and conservation workers, all of these trades and skills come with different salaries for each role.

A forest in simple terms is simply lots of trees, animals need these trees to be able to live and survive. For this reason (amongst others) it is important that forests continue to grow all over the world.